How does work? is where you will enjoy black Friday shopping every day of the year. To begin, first time users must register or returning visitors must be logged in to buy bids. Bids are available in bid packages of 25, 50, 100 and 500 and each bid ranges from 40 cents to 60 cents. The more bids you buy the more you save. Click the “Buy Bids” button on the home page menu and proceed to secure checkout via the “Purchase Now” tab next to the Bid Package of your choice.

These bids are stored as credits in the Buy Bids section of your My Account page. Each time you place a bid, it will be deducted from your remaining bids/credits.

Each bid placed raises the price of the item by $0.01. In the last ten seconds of an auction, the timer adds from 10 to 20 seconds whenever a bid is placed, thereby allowing other interested bidders to place a bid.

The highest bid when the timer reaches zero wins the auction.


How do I Bid?

Bidding on is as easy as ABC.

  1. Register for free.
  2. Buy your bid packages.
  3. Browse the categories and select the item you want and bid.

Register: Just click on the register tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

Buy bid packages: In order to purchase bids, you must be logged in. Once logged in click the “Buy Bids’ tab and choose from one of our bid packages. Bids come in packages of 25, 50, 100 and 500.  The bigger your bid package purchase the more you save on the cost of bid credits.

Select the item you want and bid: Check out the items on the homepage or browse through the categories to find the product you like.  Once you find what you are looking for, you can click on the item’s description to enter the item’s “Detail Page”. This page contains all pertinent information about the item, shipping/handling and description specific information. We urge you to read this information carefully, allowing you the ability to bid confidently.

Use the “Bid Now” button or get your “Teammate” to bid automatically for you. When the timer runs out if you are the highest bidder you win.

What is the Teammate and how does it work?

The Teammate is an automated bidding tool that bids on your behalf. Using the Teammate is an effective way to participate in an auction without constantly monitoring the item.  The Teammate will help to ensure that bids are placed automatically on the item selected while you are away from the auction.  Simply select the auction you would like to bid on, click the auction title or image to access the Details Page and look for Teammate on the right-hand side in the gray box. Enter the number of bids you wish to place in the auction in the Teammate box, and hit the submit button. The Teammate will help to ensure that bids are placed automatically on the item selected as long as the timer has not expired.

To use it, just enter the number of bids you are willing to spend.

Are there any ways to earn free bids?

A great way to earn bids is the refer-a-friend program, when the friend you have referred registers and purchases a bid pack you earn five free bids.  Email with the user id of your referral.  When the friend emails your user id to we will know to credit your account when the friend purchases a bid pack of any size.  Refer as many friends as you like and earn five free bids for each one.

Do you offer any tips on how to bid?

You will find tips and strategies on how to bid in our “Strategy” section. Keep in mind that these are meant to help you get familiar with our site, bidding, and to develop strategy, they do not provide any guarantees of winning an auction.

Where can I see how many bids I have left?

You can see how many bids you have left by going to “My Account” page and you will see it in the tab called “Buy Bids”.   It is also available at the top right-hand corner of most pages near your screen name.

How many auctions can I win?

To ensure fairness for all users we have established certain win limits per account. One person is limited to winning three (3) auctions per day, six (6) per week and a total of twenty (20) auctions per month unless otherwise stated. Violation of the winning limit may result in the forfeiture of all bids placed during the auction as well as the forfeiture of any products won. reserves the right to change the won auction limit at any time without prior notice.

Will my bids expire?

Bids held in user accounts must be used within one (1) year from the day that the bids have entered the account through purchase, auction win or item exchange. If the bids have not been used within that time, they will expire and be permanently removed from your account. 

Who am I bidding against?

 You are bidding against registered users like yourself. does not deploy bots or shill bids to alter the outcome of any live auctions.

 Can I see who else is bidding on an auction?

When viewing the details page of an item, you will be able to view the last ten bids that were placed, including the usernames of members placing them. 

How does the “BUY NOW” button work?

Auctions may offer a “Buy Now” feature.  “Buy Now” will allow a user to purchase an auction item for the listed “Buy Now” price on the details page of each auction. The user agrees and acknowledges that the “Buy Now” price shall be deemed the final auction price and that once the “Buy Now” option has been selected he/she shall be responsible for purchasing the item at the “Buy Now” price plus any applicable taxes and shipping/handling costs regardless of any bids placed up to that point and will be charged accordingly.

When does my option to buy expire?

The user must pay the total price (auction price and any applicable shipping/handling costs and taxes) within three (3) days of the auction end date. If payment is not made within three (3) days of the auction date, may withdraw the offer to conclude the order and permanently revoke the winner’s right to pay for and receive delivery of an item. All bids placed in the auction are non-refundable. The item will not be sent to you until the total price has been paid to

What happens if  I am the high bidder in a reserve auction?

A small number of auction items are posted with a reserve price.  An auction item with a reserve price must have a final bid that meets a certain predetermined bid amount.  If you are the high bidder when the auction clock expires and the auction item has a reserve price that was not met during the bidding process, any bids you placed since the last time that item was posted in the auction will be refunded to you.  The item will be placed back into the live auction at a later date and bidding will begin with you as the high bidder.

Bidder’s Agreement

By logging in to, you agree to and accept Terms and Conditions and are responsible for reviewing our list of Bidding and Buying violations.