Penny Auction sites can be a lot of fun.  But if you don’t have a plan you can lose a lot of money.  Follow these tips and increase your chances of winning while also having an entertaining time on the site.

Tip #1

Pick a product or a few products and make them your focus during the bidding.  If you spread your bids across too many products you will likely be less effective.

Tip #2

Use the Watchlist.  When you add an auction to your Watchlist you can then bid from the Watchlist page which will consolidate in one section all the auctions you have added to your Watchlist.  This makes it easier to bid without moving around the website as much bidding on auctions in different areas of the site. 

Tip #3 is a membership site.  When you join we consider you part of the team.  That means membership has its privileges.  The longer you are a member here the more enhanced your memberships benefits.  You will see membership upgrades and private auctions, and other rewards.  The more active you are on the site, and the longer tenure you have with us the more these benefits grow.

Tip #4

Use the Teammate function carefully.  The Teammate feature is available on each auction.  It is a great feature if you want to commit a limited number of bids and walk away from your computer, and have the system bid for you.  But be careful!  The Teammate will bid for you just like a human (a really quick human with fast reflexes).  It will bid for you when you are not the highest bidder but strategically it may make more since to not use the feature until you are near the end of an auction.

Tip #5

Check the closed auctions page to see if the products you are bidding on has also been sold in a previous auction.  Sometimes prior auctions can provide a clue as to bidder behavior in future auctions of the same product.

Have fun and good luck!

The Federal Trade Commission also has issued a warning for consumers about penny auction websites.  We encourage you to read it and bid responsibly.

Consumer Information